The FuseWIRE Project

“ I was thrilled when I received a call from FusionARTS inviting me to work in one of their studios in Eden Street, Kingston as part of the Pilot for the FUSEWIRE Project. I never in a million years expected posts of my paintings on instagram/facebook would attract a 6 month residency in a real studio.

The FUSEWIRE Project is an opportunity which gives a young artist a springboard to a career in art. I am privileged to be chosen for 2019, and that my input will help shape the project for the future.

My story is that after being consistently good at art at school, I felt I needed to go to college to study a specific area in order to gain a career. I embarked on a course for Visual Effects. I quickly realised that although very interesting, it wasn't something that I was passionate about, and I being passionate about what I do is crucial to doing it well. So, I left the course, and returned to my first love - painting.

Having access to a studio gives me the headspace I need, it reduces distractions from the outside world and to produce my portraits I really need to focus on the detail.

My first day at FusionARTS in April;
I was warmly welcomed by the fellow artists in the studio and was fascinated by the diversity of art that is produced here! So many talented artists!

My first commercial piece was commissioned around that date.
My client, Alan, was keen to show his theatrical side in a portrait, so we agreed to a photoshoot on a sunny afternoon in my garden. Once downloaded, he chose the photo he wanted me to work from.
I settled in the studio with an easel, a few paint brushes and some oils and got to work. A primed canvas and a few base layers on and it was starting to get somewhere!

I really enjoyed experimenting and had decided that the layering process would be suitable. It was the first time I had painted layers of fabric and it took a few tries to get used to it! The dark background was to make the piece look very traditional, which was lifted by the gorgeous gold frame that now surrounds it."

I’m really looking forward to developing my painting style and contacts here in Kingston, and I’m so grateful to FusionARTS for this opportunity.

I am currently fully booked for commissions, but have a wait list. If you’d like to know more please get in touch

What is The FuseWIRE Project

We are delighted to announce the Pilot of a new project at FusionARTS.
The project is designed to encourage and enable the early career stage of an individual creative.

It fits in with the charitable aims and objectives of FusionARTS and is something we
have been wanting to do for many years but haven't had funding. We have pared down the initial one year concept to this much more modest six month trial option, and hope to qualify for some funding in the future when we have worked on the pilot.

FusionARTS is an established group of experienced artists and makers and therefore an ideal environment for someone at the start of their career to gain experience. Any positive input for the on-going development of this project is very welcome.
Studio 32 ( the smallest studio and most usually a store room) will be the location for FuseWIRE.

The aims are to:
* Provide valuable studio space for a six month period.
* Catalogue creative development - including a blog on
* Offer mentoring from other studio members if appropriate.
* Offer a window display and exhibition in the FusionARTS Foyer at the end of the six month period.
* Develop a CV.

FusionARTS Creative Studios

FusionARTS is a Registered Charity providing affordable studios for artists and makers. Based in the original Guildhall 2, the four storey 1960's office block used to be neglected and unloved. Now firmly established as the FusionARTS building, it is a vibrant creative community right in the heart of Kingston Town Centre KT1.

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At FusionARTS there are many and varied disciplines including, painting, drawing, photography, textiles, illustration, millinery, fashion design, video production, graphics, digital art, print making, interior design, mixed media, sound design, and large scale outdoor projection. If you are looking for an artist, maker or designer to assist you with a project please contact FusionARTS to see if we can help you.


We are a small charity focused on providing affordable studios for the creative community

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